An abandoned street

I was just browsing through some photos from the trip to Kissamos last year. It’s a lovely place, but some parts are in need of refurbishing…


Longing for summer

Now, when spring is finally starting to show itself, I already long for summer and those warm summer nights…


Morning Sun Zoom

I thought I’d try something new with my standard morning photo. The view and the hour is about the same as always, but the style is a bit different. I’m actually quite satisfied with the way it turned out.

Morning Sun Zoom


New gallery and new shots!

As you might have realized, this isn’t really a blog. I just don’t seem to find the time (or the mood) for regular updates/posts. But… here’s a short one. :)

I took quite many photos when we visited Malta about a month ago (just ask my wife), so I’ve made some additions to my galleries (landscapes and miscellaneous). But the biggest addition is the new gallery! You are very much welcome to check out “Cityscapes & Skylines“.

The morning view from our balcony in Sliema.

The rocky beach in Sliema

Valletta skyline


Statue in Valletta

Bokeh Pattern



New style

Check out my “new” galleries. Well, they aren’t really new to be honest, but the style is new… and some of the photos of course.

The Trees are on Fire

From my point of view

Frosty rosehips

A walk in the evening sun


Time for a sailing trip?

I just found a picture i shot in the end of the summer. Although the weather wasn’t really inviting us to a day by the lake, it was a really nice day. We skipped the sailing trip though…

Weather for sailing?

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