Time for a sailing trip?

I just found a picture i shot in the end of the summer. Although the weather wasn’t really inviting us to a day by the lake, it was a really nice day. We skipped the sailing trip though…

Weather for sailing?

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Out for a walk

A few weeks ago, I was out for a walk in the forest. Needless to say perhaps, but of course I brought my camera. Two cameras actually…

It was a really nice morning and the spider webs were full of dew drops. Here are some of the shots from the walk. Check out my galleries (landscape & nature, black & white and animals) for the rest.Dew Drops In The Web Monocrome Drops In The Web Mushroom Araneus Diadematus


New Page!

Welcome to my new site!

As you might see, I just made it public. I’m still making some final adjustments and I’ve just started to add photos to the different galleries.

That’s all for now. Feel free to drop by again!