Hi there, maren here!

My full name is Johan Marengård, but my alter ego is, as stated above, maren.

I started with photography as a hobby many years ago and I never ment for it to be more than just a creative and inspiring leisure. When the opportunity arose a few years back though, I started selling images as well.

I publish my favorite pictures here on my blog and in my gallery on flickr. I’ve only used those platforms on a regular basis for a few years now, but they are very professional so I think I’ll stick with them.

Since early 2013 I’ve published photos on EyeEm. It’s a great community with many great photographers. After a year or so in business they added the possibility to sell your images through their services. It’s easy and it’s brilliant!

From EyeEm some of the shots get chosen and made available on Getty Images, a company with a vast customer base. I think that’s kinda awesome!

I’m also a user of Instagram. I post pretty much the same photos there as I do on EyeEm, but if you prefer that platform…

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in any of my work.

Take care!